Oct 8, 2020

Early October swamp

Banks overtopping ... 

And canals intersecting with strands.


The regular summer onslaught
of summer showers is nearing its end,
but could more tropical rain descent?

October is always an interesting time in the swamp.

Oct 6, 2020

The art of hydrologic map making

The rule of the trail ... 

Don't go too far without a good map.
No map tells you everything
you need to know, but this map
could prove useful for viewing
the video below.

The rule of the Tamiami Trail: 

No map needed. Just drive east or west. 

But if you want to understand the water you'll probably need a map.

In fact, you'll probably have to make your own.  

Oct 5, 2020

Unexpected mystery

The Tamiami Trail is as scenic ...

As it's full of hydrologic mysteries.


A quick stop to look
at the canal presented a mystery
and launched me on a quest

Maybe that's why I like it so much.

Sep 25, 2020

Shallow sea reaches peak

Well, it took all summer,

And the end of the rainy season is just a week or two away ...

Water should start to slowly
drop from here, or will we have
an October bump?

ut water has finally risen ...

Into the pinelands.

And is splashing at the shores of the mesic hammocks.

That's not Irma deep, but it's as deep as it's been all summer ...

And probably at its peak for the year.

Swamp definitions: Thalweg

Thalweg is a term usually associated with rivers ...

But I think it works equally well in the swamp.

Other major cypress thalwegs include
Deep Lake, Kissimmee Billy, Gator Hook,
Barnes, and Cowbell Strands

The term especially apt during the late summer ...
When a shallow sheet of flowing water submerges the swamp mosaic.     

Roberts Lakes Strand is a thalweg in the swamp.

Sep 24, 2020

Real fall is out there

In south Florida,

We could feel it, if not see it (in the data).

Comparison of continental
and penisular air temperature trends 

Compare that to up north ...

Where the fall dip in air temperature is unmistakeable.

That includes Florida's own Tallahassee (dotted green line) which is more continental than peninsular.

Sep 22, 2020

Early cold front

Usually it isn't until mid October ... 

That south Florida gets its first dose of coolish air.


The flag is our
cold front indicator

Not that we're complaining!

Sep 21, 2020

More than one lake

The other day I noticed on the Quad Map ...

It read Roberts Lakes Strand (plural for both).

One of several lakes,
looking downstream

Same pool,
looking upstream

That's because there's more than one lake.

Sep 20, 2020

Connected (but controlled) ecosystem

Here's some aerial footage ... 

Of a spot where the Everglades and Big Cypress are connected,


Two miles separates
the three structures

As controlled by three gates.

Sep 18, 2020

Florida rain proverb

The rule of thumb on the Iberian peninsula is:

"The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain."

South Florida is still waiting
for it's first "Big Rain Month"
of the year

When it comes to the south Florida peninsula,

And last weekend's rain:

The rule of thumb can be described as:

"It rained most, along the coast"

Radar-derived image
of past week of rain
across south Florida

Florida's Southwest Coast, Miami East Coast and south of Tamiami Trail got walloped with rain, but the heart of the peninsula, not so much.  

Caveat: That proverb only applies to this past event.  

Sep 17, 2020

Approaching the S-12A

Can you see the S-12A?

Approaching 40 Mile Bend
flying southeast

How about now?

S-12A looking east
into the Everglades and
Water Conservation Area 3A

Sep 16, 2020

Gates of the L-28

All gates are open ...

On the S-343A.

Looking south

Looking east

Looking north

Looking west


Views of the S-343A looking in all four directions:

South, East, North and West.